Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy belated birthday!

My camera is now officially 1 year old!!


HOI….TA-DA…pictures from 1 year ago.



Can’t believe it you survived one whole year, almost 20000 shutter counts and still going…

Hehe…pfftt…my second most expensive hobby…

Therefore, I swear to take pictures like these one day…





AND YES, Nat Geo rocks…!!!

Nothing is free…

No more free game to play…so sad…:(


EA recently notified me that there’s no more BETA version of the game anymore. I was devastated…T.T


So I decided that since this will be the last time I would play this game. I would rent this awesome car instead


I had the graphics set to gawdamn MAXIMUM.


OK some are not in the maximum settings.




Bye bye…I would never pay for this game with USD19.90…NO THANKS unless you said RM19.90…I’d buy it at once.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More pictures!!!

Quick photo updates…


Last weekend went to this Teluk Kumbar place…I don’t remember what was the place is called exactly…good friend or something…


Some fishing boats were…wait not some is…MANY fishing boats were anchored and tied to the shore…Here’s one of them.


NAH…Many more boats…there’s more the left side which is IMPOSSIBLE to take without a wider angle lens.


Here’s a little birdie standing in the rain.


Yau holding a cake ready to surprise Eric.


Got this certificate thingy to take the other day.


This is SOMEBODY…yes somebody…有人

Monday, July 19, 2010

Apple Iphone 4...

At last something to laugh about APPLE!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So you think you can…shoot?

So you think you can shoot some awesome pictures with a Digital SLR eh???

Well…think again. NO! I was that idiot like you who thought of that a year ago. And I have been using a DSLR for a year already and I don’t find it THAT fascinating. You have to put your heart and soul and time and effort altogether inside your piece of semi-metallic-and-plastic-junk to compose a really nice picture. Back to basics first. Before owning a DSLR, you must first know what is a D…and the rest of it which is SLR… Assuming that you already but I would still tell the world that I’m not an idiot which I still am, D stands for Digital while SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. In English it means that well and in more basic language, it is that the light goes through the lens do all its reflecting and refracting stunts inside a lens and eventually the light falls onto a piece of awesome negative or a digital sensor. Me still, in the time being yes and still will always will be the loyal user of Nikon because it still has the quality there…well at least it FEELS like it has quality. Despite the stiff competition from their rival CANON and maybe some time in the future Leica and Samsung and Sony? No way…Nikon has already existed since pre-world war a.k.a VERY bloody long time ago. Still Nikon packs in all the photographer’s needs in it nice and snugly. All the controls are well planned and the user interface is well designed too. Although made from polycarbonate(mine) it is still and will always be more pleasing to hold and touch.There are still some solid and damn heavy ones made from magnesium alloys for hardcore photographers who go off-road and camping. Unlike other cameras like those of Canon’s, yes they are cheap but they lack something…they are less user friendly or maybe its me because I’m a Nikon user for awhile. Then again some people who bought their first Canon DSLR even thought so. They feel like toys, no offence here but they do. (yes mine’s still plastic…ALMOST feels like a toy) WAIT, which device today is not made from plastic and it’s cheap. Maybe PROTON should consider making plastic cars…LOL hello trying to be sarcastic here, laugh please. =.=


Anyway in comparison to Nikon, prices are damn cheap (yes canon, cheap)…well as the saying goes, you pay for what you get. Canon has a way in doing business. They don’t actually cheat you but they give you a FEEL GOOD feeling, instilled in you. Well they tell you a 50mm lens is worth 300 bucks is CHEAP but actually that’s the lowest end of their range…however what they are not telling you is that they have other stuff lying around the good stuff of course…they just add a letter “L” and it’s a few times more expensive, uh huh, good thing not cheap, cheap thing not good (hey, they’ve gotta earn some cash here”. Anyway unlike Nikon. Their range of lenses are more straightforward as in, if it’s a 85mm lens then IT IS the ONLY 85mm lens you can have, no suspicious looking alphabets and stupid numbers sitting around fooling us noobies. Well if they do have those stupid looking alphabets like the G, D and AF-S those are just some ways to differentiate the older types and the newer ones since most of the thing these days we want them cheap and cheerful. Speaking of numbers, many newbies like I once was never got the hang of looking at What the F*** is an f-number. We’ll I’ve figured that out already(almost, lenses are tricky most of the time, read reviews like I do). Speaking of camera bodies, Nikon are good in a way that most of the cameras have similar qualities, the lower end cameras have almost the same stuff as of those in the higher end which ensures that all Nikon products shouts NIKON out loud. You see that’s their problem, they spend MOST of their money on research and QC rather than having advertisements that you’ll find on TVs and magazines.

However, people these days felt that maybe owning a DSLR is COOL or TRENDY? WHOA…think again, it’s a never ending investment. Ask a photographer, even newbies like me…99% of them will say 3 lenses are never enough. Even 1 speedlight flashgun is NOT enough…they have 2…4…9…10…(well unless you’re flashgun crazy you’ll only need one) maybe 12? The DSLR business is expanding like crazy. HELLOOOOO…KNOCK KNOCK reality check please. DSLR is effing bulky and heavy at the same time very effing INCONVINIENT see that word INCONVINIENT??? Let me bold, underline and italic the word for you. YES it’s stupid to even think of owning one. Stupid…that’s me!

Kobe Bryant there...anyway the guy behind, holding a digital compact cam....

You can’t be holding your DSLR on that ride…right?

Think of Disneyland. The first thing you come in mind is…YAY I WANNA GO ON THAT RIDE…BUT…WHERE THE FUCK AM I GOING TO LEAVE MY DSLR??? If I had a digital camera…like I used to. I just slip it into my pocket and I’m on my way. Some people may say they’d leave it with their parents or friend…well fine I’m speechless. But it’s still INCONVINIENT! Go to a beach to take some photos eh? Wait…no other idiot knows how to use it other than you…WTF…oh come on…the sun’s going to set. Say what? AUTO MODE? Oh crap now what. Crappy picture with hard shadows no thanks to pop of flash. Then again…why not I bring me old digital camera so we can use all the auto modes we want YAY. The point of even using a DSLR is to NOT EVEN TOUCH THAT EFFING AUTO BUTTON. Anyhow, when you own a DSLR you’re eyes will have to be on it 24/7. FUN EH? Everyone having dinner happily while you can’t even let go that camera bag of yours because you’ve already spend FIVE THOUSAND BUCKS ON THAT BAG. hey that’s almost the cheapest you can go. Some other guys have TENS OF THOUSANDS in it and I wonder how they even sleep. Probably hug them to sleep like a bolster or pillow.

So if any of you are still reading up till this point. Please, think thrice. A DSLR is not a toy to make you look trendy or even look cool they don’t make you look like a rich kid either, they don’t grab much attention it’s even less than when you’re fly is open. DSLR= Spending money X inconvenient piece of bulk+ happiness*

This post is only about the general usage of DSLRs and the stupidity behind the use of this piece of ingenious invention(the camera of course). No animals or humans were hurt in the event of making this post(except the environment, using laptop=carbon emission).

*the word happy may or may not be included in this particular word equation as it does happen once in a while provided you’re lucky.


Nikon Logo


AF-S 17-55mm
OMG 2.8 …OMG…
So would you kindly donate RM5000 to me…???

Thursday, July 8, 2010

MATTA Fair-ed


Ta-da…last week we went to the MATTA Fair in PISA…

uh huh…many crazy people were there, including us.

Idiotic looking kangaroo mascot...

So the upper levels are the cheaper tours that they offer…couple of hundred bucks those sort.

Well, in the concourse…you’ll find many much more idiots who willingly spend much MUCH more money than those on the upper level…

and again…my family and I were one them.

No not from this company

Ta-da…from last year’s xmas wish

We are now ‘allowed’ to go to Japan…YAY

This time we decided we head back to Ace Travels again…reasonable price and better itinerary. At least they don’t take you on a spine tingling jaw dropping shock inducing ride in an EARTQUAKE simulator!! The first day they take you is to an EARTHQUAKE SIMULATOR??? LIKE WTH??? So the whole week you’d be like thinking about EARTHQUAKES…the whole trip!! Crazy lah you guys…=.=


Oh anyway…just a random guy explaining to us about the itinerary and stuff…and the huge amount of price difference.

For the last two years we’ve been rotting in M’sia~uh huh~

It’s time I get my butt out of this island…=D

Whee…it’s a 7 day trip (so much for SEVEN huh…the first day they take you to the hotel ask you to rest after a long probably 10 hour flight no thanks to 2-3 hours transit in Hong Kong, the place where you can get the cheapest lenses in Asia and then continue till you reach Japan in the afternoon) to Japan (well don’t forget the last day it’s going to be the same long hour flight thingy counted as 1 day again). Yes, it’s going to be autumn where you see the leaves turn red, yellow or brown. Fingers crossed that the leaves are still there not like the last trip to Korea where all the leaves had fallen off~neither autumn nor winter…I call it auter…autumn+winter =.=’’’

OK..end of this post for now…:D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Theresa’s not so huge farewell. Some time last week…

Went to…wait what’s this place called again?

Anyway…this is so not the place to eat despite the fact it’s not cheap as well…18 bucks is cheap?

It is so not conducive. The moment you step into it you start vomiting even before you start eating.

One look and you know it's not really fresh...yucks lorr...




RED FUR MONKEY!!! well it's an old joke. 

OK I still hate those flares!


Look at my shirt...


Taken by an uncle working there...courageuos enough to even HOLD a DSLR...

Besides the not so amazing flare no thanks to fact of it being a wide open kinda prime lens(more “internal organs” the better)…this is still a great picture.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Random pictures…

Some random stuff I found in some of my folders.


With a little editing, i managed to salvage some quite…nice ones?



A reflection of a Sunrise


Somewhere along the highway near Ipoh…always sit in front of the car…you’d have the best view…


To: All drivers out there, DON’T think we can’t see it when you’re picking your nose or doing ”ahem” with your girlfriend…we’re all watching you…evilhehehehehehehehehehlaughs

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