Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Greetings Earthlings

I come in peace, from a distant land 400km away from Penang…


I am calling from IMU Bukit Jalil trying to connect to the outside worldzzzz…bring me to your lea~…I mean foooooooodzzzz…

Not like we don’t have food in IMU just that eating in the cafeteria and curry rice every other day sounds quite disgusting indeed. Despite the limited food choices made my blood pressure go down for not having to go through the agony of choice. Indeed there’s not much to complain around here. Every thing is great…free air cond(WTF, I’m paying 37000 bucks per sem you idiots!) free wi-fi, free drinking water…the best of all free toilet paper IN THE TOILETS!!! WOHOO…which damn place in Malaysia do you find such an awesome privilege to have free toilet paper in each and every toilet cubicle to clean your buttocks after you take a dump…I go there almost every morning to do my stuff instead of doing it at home…another advantage is that I don’t have to clean the toilet so often(it’s not that I do clean them anyway…:P)

IMU, also known as a money sucking institute(that’s what our seniors tells us), makes us pay almost 200 bucks per lecture and I slept through almost half of them during the past 3 weeks..OH YEAH…!!! But I managed to compensate such loss by fully utilising it’s resources such as air cond, the toilets, drinking water, lighting, it’s ATM machine, it’s cafeteria, it’s library, it’s free newspaper, their magazines, their books, their labs, the student lounge, the doors I open and close everyday, the escalators I use to commute to the 4th floor from the ground floor, the elevator I use to travel from the 4th floor to the cafeteria…come on they have lifts and escalators man~Isn’t this life or what!!!?!?!???

IMU, also known to have one of the longest orientation weeks…it practically lasts for a fortnight. All you have to do is to play and have fun…how hard can that be?? Not to mention the dancing and fooling around till late night every other day…:D and then get wet and dirty all over again every other day…It’s quite boring isn’t it having to play station games over and over again…I’m starting to puke of boredom while writing this particular uninteresting paragraph. Because of this, I’ll post some interesting stuff that happened for the past 3 weeks. The people appearing below pictures will have lots of repetition because they’re in the same orientation group…










One month here…we’ve celebrated 3 birthdays(see we so caring horr?) and spent large sums of money on food…LOL


Aiyer aiyerrrr….got so many lenglui…aiyerr…


AIYERR…got lenglui sure must have lengzai eh leh….!!!


huhuhu our leader…





(Oh damn I love my 35mm)




(Kill youuuuu HUHUHUHU….shhhhh)


Oh, aunty hui ji again…we were playing that killer healer and spy game with the cards…thingy…whatever you call them.



HUHUHU…1 month over…many many many many many more months to go and counting…

HEHEHE see ya :D

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