Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MADICAL school

Yea, it’s always about thick text books and a huge pile of lecture notes…just like what I’ve expected. Anyway, I’m now rotting in a corner in my uni…reading so much stuff that it’s like reading 5 bloody years of Bio in 6 months…yes of course I’m exaggerating. Besides that, life have been real great here despite the ugly and depressing sight of my ugly and depressing hostel and ugly and depressing people, well not me of course, I’m bloody getting out of here, SOON! I can’t even understand how anyone uses the freezer (NOPE, no one uses it but me not until 5 hours ago) when it’s clogged up and filled with ice just like an igloo or maybe an ICE CAVE! Not only that…when I wanted to heat I my bread, I found that maybe medical students love biology that much that they had to grow their own bacteria and parasites on their own…but UNFORTUNATELY in the wrong place because I thought microwave ovens…were…for…heating up…and cooking…FOOD!?!?!?!? It’s like so flithyly filthy until you wouldn’t see your hands when you put them in it…it just sucks all the light inwards, like black holes. Open the microwave oven, stand for a couple of seconds is all it takes for your diaphragm and abdominal wall muscles to contract sending partially digested food through the oesophagus out into the oral cavity and voila you have…erm, lunch…I mean dinner.

Of course there has to be SOMETHING nice to talk about…not really…if studying from 8a.m. to 11p.m. with various lunch breaks, tea breaks dinner breaks, bathroom breaks, chit chatting breaks…coming to about…say 4 full hours of studying? Don’t forget that everything is bloody far away that the nearest decent shopping mall is half an hour’s drive away plus 2 tolls or maybe passing 3 major highways at the speed of average 80km/h, yes of course it’s…near…=.=’’’ Baaat…I MEAN But of course most of the time I speed to Sunway Pyramid…not that my…OH bloody speaking of my car…screw it…it’s ruined by the F***ing#$%^&* construction site…Not that I want to, it’s I HAD TO park there…:( drips of grey cement had found its way on my car exterior and got stuck there…not permanently though. HOPEFULLY it comes off…maybe I should take it for a scrub or something before I head back to Penang in a month’s time. But studying is real fun and cool because you get to know about everything you need to know about your body functions…inside out and upside down!!! Oh and I found out how stupid men are…our immune system can’t recognise our own sperms and testosterone contributes to hair fall…oh…Now my friend’s sitting beside me having stress about studying the heart…like yup…the heart…knowledge and curiosity is vital here, but it’s kind of like an overload for the time being. I’m getting used to it…hopefully :P Phew…there’s so much to release here that I don’t know where to start or where to stop either…It might go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and…on just like one of my favourite lecturer…I can’t believe Lem and I can walk out and walk back in with cups of coffee in our hands and not even worried to have missed much of her grandma stories. yea, it just goes on and on…and on…and…zzzzzzzzz…

Co curricular activities wise…ermz…I’d just *copy and paste* “ermz” for the rest of the page if you’d ask me. NO I don’t dance, don’t sing, don’t play rock, don’t play guitars, don’t do catwalks, don’t do gay talks…no…life sucks…Other than shutterbuttonfingertomania (term I made up for photography addicts)…however, it’s been freaking long that I’ve seen my camera and I’m already starting to forget what it actually looks and feels like anymore wuuu….:(

Finally…after much excruciating pain in thinking of what to write in this short post…medical school…rocks…!!! Medical museum…rocks…!!! Fake plastic bones…rocks…!!! Fake plastic blown up model of epidermis which I cannot make up which layer is which…ROCKS…!!!

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