Saturday, June 2, 2012

Movie World, Gold Coast


Just before we left the hotel for Movie World.



Yup, as soon we got there it started to rain. How sad indeed. Prayed really really hard that it stopped for at least a while to let this awesome show go on.

and yes, awesome it was!


The show was about a car chase, using EVOs…there’s a short storyline to it but its not actually interesting, so ya…I’m lazy





This was when the car ‘flew’ over the screen and crashed into the buildings. yea, you’d feel the heat right in your face.





Scooby-doo ride. AAAAAWESOMEST EVER….it’s a long wait but worth it. It’s a mini coaster actually, and its indoors. It has steep slopes, like real steep and really sharp hairpin turns. It scares the shit out of you really. The best is when it turns backwards and makes a drop!!!


Harry Potter shop. It’s so cool inside, with all sorts of thingamabobs hahahaha. Bought a wand and golden snitch.










The parade wasn’t that spectacular, can’t beat Disneyland!







Since it was raining, we weren’t keen on queuing at the outdoor rides and stuff, so yea, decided to explore a little and went shopping instead.






After dinner, we went exploring around. Had a supermarket at the lower ground floor of the hotel, kept shopping there buying lots of chocolates and sweets and everything else. Spent money like nobody’s business hahaha.



Surfer’s paradise indeed, even the benches were made to look like surfboards.





Stopped by Hard Rock Cafe, Gold Coast. Bought some souvenir pins. Apparently it was their 40th anniversary that time. Awesome…


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Australian Wildlife

Previously on le blog…

Visited Seaworld!!!


Sharky says HI!

HAHAHA, today I shall bring you to witness Australia’s wild life :D







Ta-da Koala


Sleeping koala…yes they like to sleep a lot, and I think they don’t drink while they get their moisture from the leaves of the gum trees.


You can also hug them if you pay $$$


Red kangarooooooo



This is Billy tea…just ordinary tea…made by cowboys and promoted by the Australian tourism to act as a marketing scam LOL



Horse show




Stretching the dog


When…erm…human tits are too mainstream…I do cows tits!!! HAHAHAHAHA




More Australian scenery…:P



A dried up river…=.=


Souvenir shop at Paradise Country.




Then we were sent to an outlets shopping place thingy whatever you call them. Here’s where I got my first Fossil watch for 50% off…!!! Must come back soon to buy more stuff!


Surfer’s Paradise!!! Very very pretty huh


View from le hotel… :D







Seems like an endless beach…



The sand is all so fine…





Weird Kimchi Rice Burger….=.=

End of day 3…next up is Movie World…!

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