Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gold Coast, Australia Here we Come

Long last after 17 years I now come back to gold Coast once more. The moment I stepped onto Australian land the strong sense of returning home struck me at once. Nothing much to like about Australia though the place is much much much much more peaceful and life is rather simpler in a way. Anyway, coming back to Gold coast…Australian land is so huge that they can afford not to build high rise buildings unlike in Malaysia. We’ve been building high rise buildings for the sake of building so that rich people can buy more houses to get richer while the poor can’t afford even their first house, how sad is that….HAIZ… Along the coast there are tall buildings, but just enough to accommodate tourist from all around the world and also the locals. Life’s good in Gold coast, they have 4 theme parks I think…and we manage to only go to 3 of them. Let’s start with one of the more extreme parks that is Dreamworld. Those ang moh really love their thrills, while we Asian losers love to sit back and do nothing but watch…its probably due to the way we are brought up, we’re toooooooo cautious about every single thing and detail…can’t do this scared to do that…paiseh this paiseh that…Asians, study you win but you still SUCK! NOW ACCEPT THAT FACT!

Yes as expected I didn’t go for all the rides. Well………you know why la! LOLLLLLL




Ohai…that’s me being a big idiotic sohai…



HAHAHA after 16 years they’re still here…LOL must find old baby pics


Huge burgers, huge fries…omg everything is huge



lazy dingo…:(


talk to the hand…



why you shy shy….haha Koalas love to sleep, spending most of their time doing nothing but eating and sleeping.


le conquered this ride…hehehehe honestly, they have the best roller coasters so far…well of course I’ve only been only on that many.






after you get wet and decide that its too cold, here 4 dollars per use…OMG thats like RM12 *poof* gone…tata…sayonara… :O


ta-da Hard Rock cafe, Gold Coast…


Life in Australia is darn simple and easy, everything is about being early…wake up early, sleep early, eat early…OMG speaking of eating early…if you decide to follow our usual Malaysian dinner time that is lets say 8p.m. ….HAHAHA GOOD LUCK!

That’s all for day 1 in Gold coast…:D

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