Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Most expensive green tea in my life :P Kampachi, JPO I went to drop off a friend at Senai Airport, Johor in the evening. 
It was like, awhh mannnn, I have to drop by JPO to see what's the fuss all about this place, just 10 mins away. Uh huh, nothing much, premium brands where a poors kids likes mees is the no monehhh to buy shit they sell over here. So screw the branded stuff, walks like a baus into Kampachi (having no idea where I heard of this name of awesomeness and expensive-ness).  I walked like, head held high...thick face skin (direct translation from hokkien): table for 1 sir (pfftt don;t judge, you puny waiter) ANYWAYZ....sat down, opens up menu...
HORY FARK...would you look at the price!? Then it caught me, Kampachi by Equatorial!
Anywayzzzzz... I ordered a pot of green tea (it wrote: "with a hint of vanilla" well somewhere along that line) so I ordered that and yes it was good...really really good. At least it didn't taste like those free green tea you get at Sushi King...yucks.  (It's free, don't complain!) Expensive shizz, but hell ya it was good. Ordered the set meal with shashimi and tempura which costs RM74...the tea was RM24...seriously, I kid you not. total of 98 bucks for 1 meal....yes..ONE! That's a whole week worth of groceries. But it was worth it. They didn't have the sakura infused like the sound of that do you...ahh..mmmm yums...BUT NO! THEY FREAKING DON'T HAVE SAKURA ICE-CREAM...HULK MODE ON B*TCH! ARGHH! You denied my taste buds to ice-cream and HELL NO. I'm not eating your wasabi ice-cream pfttt.... 
Do you people believe in "The Secret" because I do. So as I was munching down, contemplating whether should I swallow all this food, or grow an extra stomach like a cow, to regurgitate and re-digest all these food...a thought came into my mind: "damn wouldn't it be awesome like, every time you see in the movies, like, this shit is good, I need to meet the chef, those kind of scenes" and then *poof * the thought of it just...strayed off into the abyss.... And sure enough after my meal, while sipping tea, the senior chef came out to greet me and asked how was my food! I was It was just a thought. OK. Awkward alert. 
"hehe, ya it was good" duhh of course it was good even though I hated one of the fish (I couldn't tell what fish was it but it tasted like fish left to drown in butter for weeks. But who would have thought the chef would come meet their customers. See, I told you The Secret is real (go read that book, now!) So yea, that's the end of my little adventure. ERM what's in JPO you ask...well, Nike, G2000, DOME, Starbucks, coffee beans, some western beer place, BR ice cream, expensiveshoesclothespantsandthingsIdon'twant. yup that's all. 
Now shooo! Back to work. 


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First thing you did when you got your new phones #90skid


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Spot the #prawn -.-


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kluang Rail Coffee


Original Kluang Rail


Double headed diesel KTM locos


KTM Diesel locos


Coffee beans on a coffee tree where the coffee magic happens #kluangcoffeefactory


Friday, September 18, 2015

Kluang Baru- satay and ikan bakar


Kluang Baru- Claypot chicken


Kluang Baru food court- chicken chop


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gramo WHAT?

Look at what my GF got on her extravagant shopping spree (not exactly a shopping spree but still extravagant purchase, really) She ordered it online recently (not quite recent considering when this post got updated)
It's really pretty in a way but it's (insert negative comments here) because the sound frequencies are rather limited and it's kind of like...clipped? Not quite sure what the technical terms you self-proclaimed audiophile peeps use (I've learnt music for years I can't tell sh*t difference, can't even differentiate a C and a G)
The highs and lows are clipped out, making it... this warm old-school music sounds...REALLY old-school... it makes you tear up, so much feels...FEELS b*tch...FEELSSSS.... feels like the 80's (I've never been there, ya' know, me, 90's kid yo!) 

It doesn't work well for modern day music because as I said, the bass is non-existent. We tried modern songs and they sounded so dead...the background and instrumental sounds are extremely soft. Songs that were clearly recorded way before the 2000's sound so much better (please take this with a pinch...I meant a BUCKET of salt...)

All in all, still a beautiful centre piece for your home...if you've got too much money to burn... Please be generous and donate them to me instead of wasting your money on something like this. Better off with other Bluetooth speakers from Sony or Pioneer or Logitech (me no likey) or Samsung (please don't get me started >:( or Panasonic or Bose (walau eh, expensive sia but still sound the same like 500 ringgit 5.1ch surround Pioneer) sorry for the rant LOL just wonderful seeing people fight over different brands despite most if not all of them are made in China...again, BUCKET of salt please.

No where to spend your money? try this:
or support your local charity instead, they need it.


Super Crab seafood restaurant in Sungai Ara, Penang yo!! 
Tasty, delicious, scrumptious, glorious (yea, every time I go there they say the same 2 crabs for RM55 which is, well, fairly cheap...not really. But please do drop by for craaaaaabs

PS: they took over Cherry Blossoms the old Thai food restaurant...sobss...

Friday, September 11, 2015


Had to reward myself for passing EOS 9 recently....went on to find this on sale (no, Harvey Norman had it for cheaper but pfffttt getting stuck in Kluang wasn't helping). 
Anyway I paid RM483 including shipping. Thought of buying the deLonghi retro style at first but Morphy Richards made a cheaper and cooler looking one...
yep...mah itchy hands had to get it! 

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