Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy year of the monkey //monkey Lego


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Axel Audio Headphones (Pure)

One of the best headphones I have ever owned!
(PS this is only my 2nd pair of headphones…limpeh boh gong qio)
(yes send me another for free if you please ..limpeh write sui sui things for you lor) ~.^
Bought it from Kickstarter because of the fact that it is fully customisable. from the headband and its inserts to the driver colours (they seriously need to have more colours :/ hmmmm)
I love the way they packaged it, so elegant….the packaging itself is an artform…a delicate process of undressing the goodness trapped inside…ahhh…feels so much better than an orgasm. It even smells better than an orgasmmm….hehehe (18sx harrr, tsk tsk tsk)
Yes! more stickers to remind you that you paid shitloads of money for such awesomess
Yes if you were wondering, it does ship from China and we don’t understand why Malaysians have to pay so much more than US people just to get it shipped here. You do realise a trip to US from Malaysia is almost 20 hours and from China is less than 8 hours…considering proportions…the people from US either have very bad mathematic skills or are just there to rip you off your money. Nevertheless, still good pair of cans.
It’s like opening a book of fairytales….where music comes alive….(you hear the angels sing yet? Good I didn’t either, feels good to still be alive hor?)
For the Kickstarter backers, you’d get a complimentary glow in the dark head band insert…YES WE DEMAND FOR MORE GLOW IN THE DARK INSERTS!!!!
I got my Pure soundscape headphones… there are 3 types to choose from for that matter, including deep and core.
More details…reminding you of which side of the ears it should go on and remind you again its PURE…
Anyway, if you wear glasses like I do, I’d recommend having the over ear ones because the on ear ones are too tight and it presses on my ears which presses on my glasses which cause me so much pain after wearing it for like..15 mins or so. Other than that…it’s comfy for the first few minutes until the nociceptors and imflammatory process takes place in response to pain and lack of blood suply to that particular area of the pinna.
It also came with a cute soft pouch to hold your headphones…awwhhh isn’t it a cute little cosy bunch of plastic costing more than my months rent sitting in a pouch more comfy than my bed…awhhh…

Goodbye to Kluang

Finally after enduring 5 months of training (pftt…) in Kluang hospital…seriously anyone considering housemanship should consider this place. The have nice food, nice people and it has a train station! Can’t get any better than that. 

 I don’t have many pictures of this lovely town…. just lucky enough to have my camera out every once in a while.
 You can catch a train ride from all the way from Perlis to JB sentral and you’d pass by Kluang as well 
If you’re lucky you’d get to spot a train or 2. Sometimes the freight would stop here. probably to let the passenger traffic to go first. 

 This is their menu. There are 3 shops around town bearing the Kluang Rail name, one near the roundabout with the huge awesome looking crown, and another one in town area. 

Other than eating there are many things to do in Kluang for example

 you can try hiking Gunung Lambak 

 Back to more food 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sunset at Kluang railway station


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Breakfast for two


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