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Reasons children can't sleep at night


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Of non-stop rain and sore feet


So today I set out on an adventure with high hopes of covering many parts of Tokyo again. Then Tripadvisor suggested that I check out the statue of Hachiko and the professor. Ths statue was situated somewhere fairly out of sight and Tripadvisor and Google maps so freaking useless that led me going in circles l ooking for it. But if you must know IT IS AT THE FRONT F*CKING GATE, NOT IN THE CAMPUS YOU PIECE OF *!#$%^&*. Yep, that’s it. If you don’t see it at the front gate of the main campus open your eyes and look around, to be specific it’s on the left when you enter the gate. It’s at the University of Tokyo btw.


so….after almost and hour I got the shot…like PHEWWWW my gosh… I was dumb as f*ck


After walking about in the Ueno area, I decided to take the train from here to Tsukiji market. It doesn’t actually goes direct to the market, you’d have to take a saperate bus ride from the station to the market.


Ta-da, the world famous Tsukiji market. There’s 2 parts to it. One is for touristy stuff, the other side hidden behind the all the food stalls and shops was the main market area. Wake up early to get a spot to watch the auctioning of giant fishes if that’s your kind of thing. PS: remember to charge your phones and bring your cables, I spent 1700 yen to get a new cable because I didn’t charge my phone and left my cable at my Airbnb home. SIGHS… There goes a new Gundam set…


Variety of rice balls with different fillings in it. Seriously, I only learnt 6 months of Japanese (No, it’s only once a week and I slept through half of the classes, scored 64% in my tests…not proud at all. I can’t read Japs for shizz)



Then there’s this 100Yen tamago aka Japanese omelette with its distinctive rectangular shape.


That’s the shop.


Aaaaand then there’s this dude selling really fresh seafood on a scallop shell. The yellowish bits are sea urchins if I’m not mistaken. It tastes awful even for my unrefined palette. No don’t judge me, I know it’s f*cking expensive. But it only costs 1000 yen. So f*ck it I thought!


Yes, that’s how big it is. There’s so many chewy bits in it but the whole lot tasted so fresh and sweet and yummy and………..


Have you seen any better way of selling toilet brushes like that???


After going through the market for a while, I decided to leave for Odaiba which again, required a bus ride (bus rides are freaking not worth it seriously, take em only if you can afford them, or if your feet have so many blisters that you feel like rolling on the ground crying. Pack good socks btw, I’m serious!)


This will be the closest I would ever get to a Lexus LFA…



and also a Toyota GT86…(please please please buy me one)

After all the splendour of the Toyota showcase I dropped b y next door which was Fort Venus. Even though I had been here 7 years ago I couldn’t remember much of this place.


(Above & below) A 1:1 scale Gundam. RX-78-2 Gundam. You could get an exclusive 1/144 scale from the Gunpla Factory with a box to colour it yourselves.



For all you Gundam fans out here. The kits here are well…somewhat cheaper…but still…TAX screw you.


Quite cool that they actually erected a replica Statue of Liberty here in Odaiba.


Rainbow bridge minus the rainbow during the day.





Well, almost 7 years later and I’m back in Tokyo. And this wime I get to spend more time on this awesome shopping street, Ginza. Do visit the awesome toy shop.It’s in a corner, and you won’t miss it.


Who doesn’t like the sights and sounds of a super awesome train passing.



The world famous Tokyo Station. It’s a freaking maze down there I tell you. Good luck with Google Maps too.

PS: train stations and train lines are super duper hard to understand at a glance. You’ve got to have fairly high IQ to grasp the concept or really can’t give 2 flying fucks and pay a few hundred more yen here and there to save the trouble + anxiety. more tips? Use Google maps to study the fares before your trip.

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