Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be right back

As time passes, it’s now time for me to move on. 19 years of fooling around in school has led me to reach somewhere that I’ve never thought I’d reach so soon… Today made me realise why we needed friends, true friends that bid you farewell before you set foot on a long journey through real life in the wild outdoors. If it wasn’t for you guys I’d never learned so much. Naive and stupid to be exact… :P who wasn’t anyway… As I write this short piece, my mind’s jumbled up with rojak sauce and a variety of sweet salty sour and spicy feelings…It’s kind of confusing I know…well that’s the point I’m making here.

See you soon boys and girls… :’D

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Behold The Z

My new girlfriend :D

Added a new car body…drift tires and sports rim altogether costing RM240 :O It’s kind of a cheap deal because the wheels are China stuff(50 bucks what can you expect cheh…)

After going through the agony of choosing what colour to paint, I finally made the best decision…firstly it was yellow then purple then silver…then I found this colour called


Come on which part looks like rust…it’s a combination of…of…oooffff…erm~~

pinkredorangeyellow… 1st layer was the rust, then just a thin layer of pearl white I think, then a layer of black. Each bottle of colour was RM20(again Tamiya’s colours are RM25 each, there’s even RM40 ones which I quickly kicked it aside)


The well known ‘Z’ emblem catches all car enthusiast’s eye…gold and chrome rims with drift tires. WOOOO Isn’t it shiny… I can see my reflection. But the rims are still kinda dull :(


The Nissan Fairlady Z is one of my favourite cars especially the 350Z. However because the 370Z is newer so I chose it instead despite the extra 20 bucks(damn because it’s Tamiya >=(  cheh!!!)

The shopkeeper kept giving me those add on deals…but unfortunately I didn’t bring that much money…he wanted to sell me some spoilers because the stock spoiler is very very ugly and retarded. He kept on asking me to get the GT wings blah blah blah for 40 bucks :O nouuuuu…I don’t have so much moneyzzz…so that’s why the car’s buttock is now naked. I also wanted to add LED lights but again it costs RM90 for a set of them :( so sad…


Damn, drifting is much harder than I thought especially when you don’t have a proper track. My bro got me another set of tires the other day, those were ultra sticky, accelerates like mad and turns very quickly. The stock Tamiya tires were placed aside and forever remain silent. They are actually almost worn out after only a month…


Oh that’s the old BMW M3 behind left to rot in a corner of the basement :( oops…I’d take it out of course, I can’t be playing the new body on the road every time it knocks the curb my heart stops beating for a sec!

Looking for one of these? Check out RCMania, Queensbay Mall Penang.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chinese New Year-ed

Phew everybody is back from holidaying isn’t it…

Nothing much for me during CNY :( Most of the people has gone overseas…these days migration has become too easy.


OHHHH lau sheng lorrrr!!!

Anyway here’s a classic Mickey Mouse.

Found it in HK airport during the transit from Jap back to M’sia. There’s actually a whole series of these wooden-hand-crafted-made-in-China-figurines. You can’t buy them all at once because one of these smaller ones cost almost 200 HK dollars…while bigger ones can go up to 400-500 dollars :(



Mickey’s hat.



Mickey’s sword


Mickey’s butt butt.


Some pen from Tokyo Disneyland :D cute huh.

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