Thursday, April 28, 2016

The soloist

Recently I made a super duper cool decision to do something, well, cool. After reading this book called "Do Cool Shit" I thought, isn't it about time tondo some really cool shit. But of course that book was on how to go about doing business and the sorts... So I took the message differently to encourage myself to do something different: that is to travel alone (pftt my gf decided to go with her other friends and family, which wasn't my kind of thing). Anyway, I had fun of course...mainly roaming around the city with a backpack and an iPhone in hand to see what most tour groups fail to intrigue my interest. I wouldn't say I've learnt a whole lot of new things but this solo travel thingy did open my eyes towards many aspects of life in general ( if...hey gotta stay COOL here coz I'm cool yo, don't judge)

So yes, Japan, the land where everyone and everything is perfect in every possible way and that’s what I want to see for myself. I was there 6 years back and that I didn’t quite enjoyed it because of the fact that I went with a tour group. Now that I’'’m travelling solo, it’s a great opportunity to travel at my own pace and have my own fun time ~.^
Of course, you have to start your trip with a healthy dose of happiness and fun. That’s why we go to Disneysea! Yay!
That’s Disneysea’s Tower of Terror… FYI free falling (TWICE, freaking twice) is so not for me. Even without glasses…nope, nope, nope….
That’s the Disneysea 15th Anniversary crystal wand thingy that you can buy at 3000 Yen (that’s like half the price of the ticket I paid, First awsome purchase of the trip). You can use it to go round looking for the stations (or whatever they call it) to collect the lights in the triangle you see above or they like to call it make a wish. These are limited edition too Open-mouthed smile
This is on eof the places where you can make a wish and when you put the wand thingy and press the button, the whole thing lights up and you can hear Minnie Mouse giggling, I know, super creepy.
If you’re not going witha tour, it’s good to know that before you reach Disneyland or Disneysea, you’ll be already spending a lot of money. Going on the Disney resort line is 600Yen per trip. ~Poof~ there goes all my money.
Special 15th Anniversary food!!! Yums

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Tokyo Tower


Train rides are the best //Mt Fuji


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