Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ginseng chicken!!


Dong Seoul, Kluang


Friday, October 23, 2015

Gunung Lambak, Kluang


Thursday, October 22, 2015

My film cameras

I know this post is way long overdue and I’d just want to put up some pictures about my film cameras. I’ve been longing to buy the Nikon FA or Fe or FM (still can’t decide after so long). Anyway I’ve been having 2 film cameras with me for some time… and they are DIY cameras…yep my favourite! It’s nice when you can get the best of both worlds.


This P-Sharan DIY pinhole camera was given to me by a good friend. Just gonna show you guys some results from this pinhole camera and why you shouldn't consider using ISO 800, ever.







Oh look, the wands from Dumbledore’s Army.

This is what the actual kit looks like. It come unpainted and black. All black and dull I know…so with a little work and creativity I made mine a two-tone silver and black. I used cheapo silver paint and some leftover semi-gloss black from Tamiya. You can still get it from “The click shop” in Malaysia for about 200 bucks? Can’t remember, really. You can buy the basic kit, without the hood and the 2 extra plastic lenses. It’s much cheaper. I’d say I never used those anyway. It’ll be a fun project for a day and it’s really rewarding in the end knowing that you built a functional camera. Paint it and make it uniquely yours. They also come with fake leather strips for you to stick them on the camera.

(BTW, there’s a version for you to connect a flash, but not for mine…go do some research and get the right one if you need a flash. I don’t need no flash.)



Yes my desk is extremely messy!


Here are some of my favourites using the Konstruktor SUPER KIT!!! It all boils down to your skill of judging the capability of the film speed. Over or underexposure really really depends on you and that’s exciting. I really had some luck using ISO200 and 400 so far…again don’t try using 800 if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is not exactly a pro camera (I’ve seen people complain about how difficult it is to use it especially when you have to constantly strain your eyes and neck) see, that’s why it’s called hipster…you put the camera on the level of your hips! (not sure, I think I made that up on my own)




Oh!!! Wait!! Lastly I’d like to share some more quirky photos using a disposable camera and quirky weird films with words on the films….it’s really cool. You’d probably only be able to find it on Urban Outfitters. It’s costs about 15-20 GBP?? I’m not too sure…but yea…here are some of the results!



One thing about film is that it is somewhat unpredictable. Every grain, light leak and framing, basically everything can be unexpected. Unlike modern days where everything is instant. Our addiction to instant gratification probably has made us less patient and lack the ability to savour each and every second in life (please take my words with a bucket of salt, I’m not that wise). I think film is just as exciting as a part of photography. I know, I know it’s expensive to buy film buy new gear and to develop the films. But it is really rewarding when you hold your new photographs in your hands. It’s just magical I would say. It also makes you think and plan before pressing the trigger. I’ve owned a few DSLR’s over the past 6-7 years and my digital files keep on accumulating. I thought at one point of time where I just needed to stop being trigger happy and slow down to enjoy every moment while travelling instead of being engrossed in pressing that shutter button. I think this digitalisation of photography is an excellent idea but we don’t make good use of it. Many of us just simply make snapshots without thinking…then going home editing them one by one…while thinking why the pictures always come out sucky. Well, probably we never put thought into a picture so it comes out…thoughtless, soulless, empty…there’s no story to tell. I once read somewhere, a famous photographer said…(somewhere along the lines la harrr) said: If people only said how sharp your picture is, you fail..? because that means people only concentrate on the technical aspects and not the message/story you want to convey.


HAHAHA anyway, that’s about it…don’t take me seriously ok…seriously hahaha


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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thomas and Friends Minis

Thomas and Friends Minis series...more than 70 of them to be collected! :O

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My aunt sure has some good sense of humor

LOL, I'm a ducktor (it wouldn't sound right in Canto though)

Colouring book

Colouring book for adults. No not kind of ADULT stuff, you pervs. It's pwetty isn't it?
The latest craze among aunty uncle in pasar these days. It's relaxing...kind of...have you seen how intricate the patterns are. #secret #garden #popular #bookstore #hashtagdunnoforwat

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lomography Redscale film

Today, I got my Lomo Redscale ISO100 Film....#filmisnotdead
So yea, to all you peeps in Penang, you still can have your films developed and scanned at Kong Beng Photo Studio, right opposite Komtar,the "spider" pedestrian crossing side... I got my 4 rolls of film done there recently and they kindly refunded me RM4 because the last Lomo 800 was all overexposed despite using a pinhole. Lesson learned, don't bother with ISO 800 (Yes I suck) LOL

No edit, scanned straight after developing. If I'm not mistaken, this was a ISO 200 taken using my Lomo Konstruktor F....Mmmm yums siew mai....


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