Friday, December 2, 2011

Something Sexy Awaits You…

Phew…been busy working day and night for the past 3 days to finish something awesome…







Gonna hate this part…too many details in it



But still have to wait till I get back from Down Under to finish the body…LOL

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fever’s back…

Uh huh…exam fever is back right now…so gonna own you EOS2 kao kao!!!

Me is wan pass exam!!! :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

Me is wan go home holiday…..:D :D :D :D :D :D

Me is wan go Australia holiday……:P :P :P :P :P

[:B]   Me is Spongebob………

Friday, September 30, 2011


Do you sometimes have problems you don’t even know it’s a problem to you and don’t know what the problem is, but you know it’s just a pain in the ass?



Anyway, gonna miss each and everyone from PBL…



Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rotten meat

I’m so effing bored and boring that I could just literally rot here right now…


…studying’s a b*t*h…LOL

I’m listening to till my ear wax have all dried up and falling out of my auditory meatus and my it might start to have acute inflammation soon, it’ll have haemorrhage and internal bleeding and my ear pinna is going to drop off…and spontaneously grow maggots or something…

i’ve been sitting here all day like a cripple and soon I might have muscle atrophy…ok not funny…>LOL<


Sunday, August 14, 2011

F^&(!#$! YOU

F*** You parasites, go to hell…

find your own food somewhere else…

disgusting fucktards…


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some time ago…

Some time ago, I decided to buy this because it was basically on sale…


Ooops, it’s actually some hand painted stone resin thingy for all that I care FYI. From Jim Shore’s collection which is very pretty indeed.

This is from the Disney cartoon Lady and the Tramp. If you have never seen it before…then…haiz…


I’m not trying to sound gay, but you can’t deny it’s real cute isn’t it?


Ooops for the failed heart shaped bokeh…looks more like flowers and pac man.


Friday, August 5, 2011

le new room and le iPad

Finally, got le new iPad…ordered online directly from apple store…where you can get free shipping and engraving. You’d save tonnes of money on fuel and parking and need not waste time queuing up early in the morning. Although they don’t have like in some shops (I mean almost every shop), they’d give free screen protector or like Harvey Norman they’d give me a “fine cover” which I don’t know how FINE it can be when it’s FREE…anyway according to the dictionary where fine…can be like either very good…or fine as in very very very very small and delicate…LOL ANYWAYYYY….!!!!

Basically I ordered online using a credit card…click whatever you need…key in your credit card number…yes that’s very very very important of course. Don’t forget your bloody address and make sure that your house has someone at home 24/7 because Apple apparently uses DHL where the delivery guys are…ok I should give them credit that they had delivered it in the end, but then they are still ____________ you fill in the blanks with any synonyms of stupid. It’s kind of lame that such a huge company doesn’t even bother asking for your phone number, come on everybody wants my number how can DHL not want it!!! So, you get the point right when somebody doesn’t bother to get your number. Oh, by the way ordering online is so much faster, you get it within 3 days (that depends on DHL’s mood again) straight from Shen Zen to Malaysia wooo…oh where was I. I ordered it on Monday and they delivered on Friday…SUPPOSEDLY!! Then unfortunately I was watching Captain America…and DHL didn’t even bother to call OH NO! Then oh well…waited for next day, Saturday…uh huh…I was out like duhh who doesn’t go out on Saturdays >>>>dimensions-of-rage-meme-faces-7319-1306518359-16 <<<<< so I came back at 12.15p.m. and guess what, some dumb dumb left a note saying that they came at 11.45 a.m. LIKE… DUDE WTF IS YOUR PROBLEMOOO……I gave you my number the night before are you a jerk or you like my legs so much that you have to keep pulling it…=.= Oh well again…then I had to call back to HQ and specifically repeatedly loudly patiently told the guys to call me when the package arrived…ok well FINE…

Then came Monday…the moment of truth…oooooo…At last, while I was waiting to go to class (yea, shirt still unbuttoned, lazing in bed) then at last they came and knock on the door

OH YEA…UH HUH UH HUH…iPad iPad here I comeeyyyy…yohoooo…dimensions-of-rage-meme-faces-7319-1306518359-16

At last his guy in yellow shirt confirms with me it’s my package alright…filled with delight and nothing else but happiness I quickly opened up the box and…



le iPad package…


Free engraving if you’d order online…yea I didn’t know what to NOT write…


le iPad only has 16GB and I accidentally upgrade to iOS 4.3.5 so you can go die if you did…YAY!!! No jailbreak for me!!! I don’t care for now, since iOS5 is coming out soon and every bloody hacker is concentrating on iOS5 instead, why not just wait…




And what’s with the le here le there…find out for yourselves here



Wooooo and le got le new room and le new room mate Lem in Vista B somewhere somewhere…living happily ever after…LOL kidding, it’s not really that pleasant YET no thanks to previous tenants(girls somore, adui can you even believe it) the floor is sooooo dirty every time you mop over it, the floor turns out to be white…I even thought I accidentally poured chlorine or something into the bucket. The fans are utterly utterly disgusting…Please don’t mention the kitchen. It’s infested with microorganisms that if you’d culture them all at once, you could write a textbook on microbiology yourself. Sorry Mala Maung you fail coz I can write my own textbook by going into le kitchen… :P Lights in the toilet~broken…Lights at the corridor~missing…toilet bowl leaking…the only thing I love is the fridge it’s new and clean. So that’s it for now while I hide in a corner reading microbiology and breeding digital frogs…

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blink Blink Blink of an eye

Blink of an eye…not quite literally but yea, life’s real short when you’re enjoying it. Let’s start with some less enjoyable events for the past 3 weeks of sem break.

Number 1 lousy events this month…Penang Bon Odori…Geez it’s so lousy that a broken Jack-in-a-box would have been more entertaining. The only interesting parts of the event was the center stage(hardly anything much, maybe because I missed half of the beginning =( ……) and fireworks at the end.


So hard to get good angles as most of the crowd who showed up early got the best spots…anyway this event sucks…really._DSC5951 _DSC5954


Some huge balloons being inflated on site





Dance along session.


Ok, the end for Bon odori…lame =.= Could have done with more Japanes deco…more Japanese less Malay please, after all it’s a Japanese prayer ritual and why those Malay Muslims bother coming…I thought they’re not suppose to have any association with other people’s gods and rituals…anyway LIKE I CARE?!??!?!?!


Looks like some European place isn’t it…


Taken somewhere along the floating homes…village jetties…a Penang must-see site.


oh great…one more week left till school reopens…so sad… HAHA what a random post this is…:P

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MADICAL school

Yea, it’s always about thick text books and a huge pile of lecture notes…just like what I’ve expected. Anyway, I’m now rotting in a corner in my uni…reading so much stuff that it’s like reading 5 bloody years of Bio in 6 months…yes of course I’m exaggerating. Besides that, life have been real great here despite the ugly and depressing sight of my ugly and depressing hostel and ugly and depressing people, well not me of course, I’m bloody getting out of here, SOON! I can’t even understand how anyone uses the freezer (NOPE, no one uses it but me not until 5 hours ago) when it’s clogged up and filled with ice just like an igloo or maybe an ICE CAVE! Not only that…when I wanted to heat I my bread, I found that maybe medical students love biology that much that they had to grow their own bacteria and parasites on their own…but UNFORTUNATELY in the wrong place because I thought microwave ovens…were…for…heating up…and cooking…FOOD!?!?!?!? It’s like so flithyly filthy until you wouldn’t see your hands when you put them in it…it just sucks all the light inwards, like black holes. Open the microwave oven, stand for a couple of seconds is all it takes for your diaphragm and abdominal wall muscles to contract sending partially digested food through the oesophagus out into the oral cavity and voila you have…erm, lunch…I mean dinner.

Of course there has to be SOMETHING nice to talk about…not really…if studying from 8a.m. to 11p.m. with various lunch breaks, tea breaks dinner breaks, bathroom breaks, chit chatting breaks…coming to about…say 4 full hours of studying? Don’t forget that everything is bloody far away that the nearest decent shopping mall is half an hour’s drive away plus 2 tolls or maybe passing 3 major highways at the speed of average 80km/h, yes of course it’s…near…=.=’’’ Baaat…I MEAN But of course most of the time I speed to Sunway Pyramid…not that my…OH bloody speaking of my car…screw it…it’s ruined by the F***ing#$%^&* construction site…Not that I want to, it’s I HAD TO park there…:( drips of grey cement had found its way on my car exterior and got stuck there…not permanently though. HOPEFULLY it comes off…maybe I should take it for a scrub or something before I head back to Penang in a month’s time. But studying is real fun and cool because you get to know about everything you need to know about your body functions…inside out and upside down!!! Oh and I found out how stupid men are…our immune system can’t recognise our own sperms and testosterone contributes to hair fall…oh…Now my friend’s sitting beside me having stress about studying the heart…like yup…the heart…knowledge and curiosity is vital here, but it’s kind of like an overload for the time being. I’m getting used to it…hopefully :P Phew…there’s so much to release here that I don’t know where to start or where to stop either…It might go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and…on just like one of my favourite lecturer…I can’t believe Lem and I can walk out and walk back in with cups of coffee in our hands and not even worried to have missed much of her grandma stories. yea, it just goes on and on…and on…and…zzzzzzzzz…

Co curricular activities wise…ermz…I’d just *copy and paste* “ermz” for the rest of the page if you’d ask me. NO I don’t dance, don’t sing, don’t play rock, don’t play guitars, don’t do catwalks, don’t do gay talks…no…life sucks…Other than shutterbuttonfingertomania (term I made up for photography addicts)…however, it’s been freaking long that I’ve seen my camera and I’m already starting to forget what it actually looks and feels like anymore wuuu….:(

Finally…after much excruciating pain in thinking of what to write in this short post…medical school…rocks…!!! Medical museum…rocks…!!! Fake plastic bones…rocks…!!! Fake plastic blown up model of epidermis which I cannot make up which layer is which…ROCKS…!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Nikko and Snowball…


Nikko: HAI!!! I is Facebook-ing all day…


neninenibubu snowball…


Snowball: me is want go Facebook also…O_O!!!


NEH!!! BLEK!!!!



Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Going home at last!!! One week holiday coming…YAY!!!

Going back to my comfy bed…going back to the environment I’m most familiar…:O So freaking relieved.

Damn I hope I could catch up with my stuff…gather my thoughts and clean up my cluttered brain…:D

wah here sipek sienz and depressing ahhhhh………:’(

Friday, April 15, 2011

Youuuu Haveee Gotttt Tooo Beeeeeeeee KIDDING????


YEA LIKE WTF????????????

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Greetings Earthlings

I come in peace, from a distant land 400km away from Penang…


I am calling from IMU Bukit Jalil trying to connect to the outside worldzzzz…bring me to your lea~…I mean foooooooodzzzz…

Not like we don’t have food in IMU just that eating in the cafeteria and curry rice every other day sounds quite disgusting indeed. Despite the limited food choices made my blood pressure go down for not having to go through the agony of choice. Indeed there’s not much to complain around here. Every thing is great…free air cond(WTF, I’m paying 37000 bucks per sem you idiots!) free wi-fi, free drinking water…the best of all free toilet paper IN THE TOILETS!!! WOHOO…which damn place in Malaysia do you find such an awesome privilege to have free toilet paper in each and every toilet cubicle to clean your buttocks after you take a dump…I go there almost every morning to do my stuff instead of doing it at home…another advantage is that I don’t have to clean the toilet so often(it’s not that I do clean them anyway…:P)

IMU, also known as a money sucking institute(that’s what our seniors tells us), makes us pay almost 200 bucks per lecture and I slept through almost half of them during the past 3 weeks..OH YEAH…!!! But I managed to compensate such loss by fully utilising it’s resources such as air cond, the toilets, drinking water, lighting, it’s ATM machine, it’s cafeteria, it’s library, it’s free newspaper, their magazines, their books, their labs, the student lounge, the doors I open and close everyday, the escalators I use to commute to the 4th floor from the ground floor, the elevator I use to travel from the 4th floor to the cafeteria…come on they have lifts and escalators man~Isn’t this life or what!!!?!?!???

IMU, also known to have one of the longest orientation weeks…it practically lasts for a fortnight. All you have to do is to play and have fun…how hard can that be?? Not to mention the dancing and fooling around till late night every other day…:D and then get wet and dirty all over again every other day…It’s quite boring isn’t it having to play station games over and over again…I’m starting to puke of boredom while writing this particular uninteresting paragraph. Because of this, I’ll post some interesting stuff that happened for the past 3 weeks. The people appearing below pictures will have lots of repetition because they’re in the same orientation group…










One month here…we’ve celebrated 3 birthdays(see we so caring horr?) and spent large sums of money on food…LOL


Aiyer aiyerrrr….got so many lenglui…aiyerr…


AIYERR…got lenglui sure must have lengzai eh leh….!!!


huhuhu our leader…





(Oh damn I love my 35mm)




(Kill youuuuu HUHUHUHU….shhhhh)


Oh, aunty hui ji again…we were playing that killer healer and spy game with the cards…thingy…whatever you call them.



HUHUHU…1 month over…many many many many many more months to go and counting…

HEHEHE see ya :D

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