Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My new gf


As the afternoon was welcoming the evening, the doors kept opened, ready to welcome our new member of the family.

The silence within the home was deafening. We anxiously waited.


As the carriage approaches, its passenger steps out. her appearance hiding behind that ugly brown veil.

Waiting for the right time to expose its beautiful body, I hid behind my couch to catch a sneak peek.


Whee!!! There it was. Escorted by two strong men, she readies herself to walk through that opened door.

And, the wait was finally over, eagerly to hear her sing.

On a happy day

After class, my funny friend and I went to take some pictures of those beautiful trumpet flowers, well that was what Qi told me.


Anyway, she stood in the middle for like a few seconds, giving me just this one and only shot.




_DSC1312 (2)_DSC1315


What a beautiful sight it was. Too bad it doesn’t last.

Well, never mind. If it were to be there always, we’ll never appreciate its beauty.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Growing up.


That’s just one of the obstacles. If I give up now, I’m just being stupid.

NENI~NENI~PUPUuuu…You cannot catch me.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Of flowers and lenses.

Lenses, one of the major things that one DSLR should have, not just one but a few.

You don’t really need a really expensive DSLR body (like my cheap and versatile, easy to use user friendly but somehow lack some elements’ D5000) but you also need some decent lenses. Ok here are some shots using my 18-55mm, 55-200mm, AND most importantly Casin’s 70-200mm 2.8 lens!

So, out of the blue, Casin called me for photo shooting because I stayed nearby. Couldn’t call Qi and ZH because one cannot drive, the other was too far. (all pictures non-post process)


OK, so here we are. getting ready.


_DSC1020 _DSC0999

Many passer by stopped to take pictures since it was an annual event.



See, most of the flowers were starting to fall off.

_DSC1058 _DSC1064

The flowers were falling already and one dropped onto my feet.






I tried to do the HDR thingy, but I couldn’t install my photoshop just yet.

_DSC1109 _DSC1187

I thought I had a picture of my old tripod taken. It turned out quite nice with the lighting.

_DSC1116 _DSC1128

I had the aperture set to the smallest to get the effect.

_DSC1132 _DSC1140

_DSC1145 _DSC1148

_DSC1164 _DSC1172

Nikon D5000, VR 70-200mm f2.8G, 200mm F/4 1/1000s ISO200 manual mode. WB-cloudy

I love this particular piece over here.

_DSC1184 _DSC1188

We were like, hey take that two over there…After I took it I was like, wow, that is one very sharp picture. HAHAHA


I think I was using 70-200mm for this shot. LOLZ look at the flares!

_DSC1185 _DSC1187

Wheeee. OK that is all for this post. I’ll let the pictures do the talking alright. :)

Back to school


Hello, this is the Big, the one driving the car. You know, his driving is as good as Jay’s driving, you know, from the movie, the scenes? Initial D, something. Anyway, he should have a sticker saying: “PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS, ALWAYS ENSURE ALL EYES ARE CLOSED AT ALL TIMES. PLEASE DO NOT STEP ON THE F*CKING INVISIBLE BRAKES WHILE THE RIDE IS IN MOTION. HAVE A GOOD DAY.”

Ok, we were all actually going back to Chung Ling to get our SPM punya results.


Oh, this was just a random shot I thought it look kind of funny.


Feeling tense?


Ok, here’s the Big again. Still anxious about his freaking good results.



SEEEEEEE, all smiling away.



Ken still in his NS shirt, like very yeng.

_DSC0437 _DSC0441

Dunno why everyone crowding and rushing to get their results.


“whee got straight A’s”


Haha, later that day, we head over to INTI to submit our results, hoping that we manage to get the fee discounts. LOLz

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