Thursday, January 27, 2011

Without colours

Hooked on you

I thought I’d do something extraordinary this time by sucking the colours out of the pictures.

X marks use me

By burn and dodging techniques and sharpening the pictures I got them to become crispy…haha

Open me

Crispy was one thing as the pictures I’ve edited were all sharp enough to slice your eyeballs into thin slices…

Because of technology, they cleverly compress all pictures to save virtual space.

Wall fan

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rock bottom

My blog views have almost reached the deepest ends of the graph… :(

I haven’t got much awesome things to blog here recently because I’m not doing much awesome things. Awesome things need awesome amounts of awesomeness, it’s a pity that this amount of awesomeness comes from a very awesome place called~


However, this awesome place isn’t easy to be found because as it usually belongs to the person called ‘DAD’ or ‘MOM’. Rarely in times of need, this amount of awesomeness can really be hard to be squeezed out of this person called ‘myself’ as again their source is ‘MOM’ and ‘DAD’. Let’s just cut the chatter and I shall tell you the tale of the old BMW M3 which is almost destroyed by the person called ‘myself’.


Hi, this is the old BMW M3 I was mentioning. Thanks to laziness and ignorance I really thought with my initial budget of 600-700 bucks I might get lucky with these. However, I realised such an awesome piece of antique (ahem I mean weird looking I-Don’t-Like-Your-Design bodyshell) need an awesome amount of awesomeness. WHY?


You asking WHY!!??? Hahaha no seriously I really wanted one of these when I was young so I didn’t care much about the pricing, INITIALLY…you see it’s INITIALLY…let me bold that for you.

However this awesome guy at RCMania Queensbay (people looking for RC cars should come here, they have an RC Track right in front of the shop, cool and also RC planes, helicopters you name it they have it) recommended me this piece of antique for 680 bucks…wow 680 only barely within budget uh huh…BUT…

…you see there’s always a* but *when buying awesome things…


the batteries are not included…


The cheapest is 50 bucks and lasts 15 minutes, GO DIE!

One of the most expensive one is the 5000mah selling for 170 bucks and packs enough juice for an hour(I THINK!!!)…plus…

WAIT Charger not included…come on tell me whatever other shit is not included at one go…

“Plus I give you charger worth 60 bucks for free”

~Shyt you gave me a fright!~ *wipes off sweat*

Well that’s alright…after adding them all up wohoo 850bucks for the whole set…*terpengsandieded*

After a couple of days I realised something astonishing!!!! :O

I actually needed another 8 AA sized batteries…now where on the freaking Earth do I find so many rechargeable batteries???

Thanks to Mr Yeoh I managed to get a row of beautiful Eneloop batteries from Sanyo…why the hell do I need the limited edition colours?? I only need your stupid Nickel and Cadmium chemicals which stores this awesome thing called ‘ENERGY’


Uh huh that’s the damage on my new car…there are more scratches on the chasis…beautiful arrangements of lines at the bottom like an awesome melody of a symphony.



But then I’m going to change to a new body sooner or later…even Snowball loves the car…she likes to bite it. Why, I have no idea…she added a couple of pinstripes recently on it to further beautify it and adds this awesome aroma of her un-brushed teeth. Speaking of the new body. It’s going to further cost me another 200 bucks…because the clear polycarbonatecharsiew plastic body thingy doesn’t come with paint…LIKE F*** MY LIFE…a bottle of awesome TAMIYA paint costs further 25bucks :(

I was thinking 911 Turbo…or some 350Z or a Skyline R34…not many nice 370Z on the market yet which is kind of saddening…:’( The new R35 is kind of lame and too common on the market so I’m not considering it anyway…damn you stupid hobby. >=(

Anyhow this piece here is far most expensive toy car ever and the biggest of all.


Here’s the tiniest of my car collection ever, you can hardly find one of these in M’sia.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


HUIYO back from blogging hibernation!!! Don’t be curious what I do everyday, because I don’t even know… :(

Alright, most of the time spent is for Grand fantasia the other half is for Restaurant City… I’d be lucky to go out and do some other constructive and healthy activities.


Here’s a little (name unknown) bird.

We’re very lucky because it just popped out of no where in the bushes…and there it stood, quietly…in such close proximity that we couldn’t afford not to take some real cool pictures of it.

…and we tip-toed…shhhhh         >=(


AH DARN IT! And it flew away…hahaha

There are more actually can’t post them all.


WOHOO new toy…:D

Paid RM850 for the whole set because the dumb dumb battery costs 170 bucks but it’s able to last for an hour or so while RM50 battery lasts 15 minutes LOL. Uh huh…didn’t quite manage to squeeze much of a bargain out of it though…he was too NICE to give me a lame battery charger which costs RM60 for FREEEEEEE…now nothing is free in this world. Oh wait not to mention new rechargeable AA batteries which costs another RM110 :O amounting to a staggering RM960…just for this little toy uh huh :D


(wohoo look how small it is… :P)

This is the TAMIYA version which is much more reliable than other China made brands of course, considering it’s pricey price tag. Once you buy one of these you’ll start having headaches on how to continue maintaining it. :( Come to think of it cameras are even harder to maintain…


Higher grade ais kacang…on RM4.90 each. WITH a free extra topping till next month. It’s tasty of course and it’s our favourite dessert. They can be easily found at your local 100Yen shop OR in 1st Avenue. Speaking of 1st Avenue…it’s still kinda empty for the time being. Skechers is there OH YEAH…must try their shoes…they’re pricey of course. Besides that, there’s a new Cineplex in town called TGV…uh huh uh huh…Compared to GSC it has a pretty pricey price tag on it especially their snacks…tsk tsk tsk. Not quite the Penangnites’ favourite kind of thing isn’t it? We are cheapo people who buys cheapo things and I’m proud of that… I’m part cheap anyway… :D


There’s actually a very good reason why bricks, I mean BREEKS isn’t in my to-eat list.


Even roadside hawkers cook better food. CHEH.


Went to Pantai Kerachut the other day. ZH bravely drove through the treacherous mountain roads, battling the narrow and winding course and finally…we reached Taman Negara Pulau Pinang…but of course you could catch a bus which is easier… :P


Pantai Kerachut is a secluded beach right in a quiet corner of Penang island. It sits in the protected area gazetted as one of Malaysia’s SMALLEST TINIEST, wait it’s the WORLD’S SMALLEST National Park in the world…I repeated the word world to add emphasis.


There is nothing here but lush green scenery. If you’re lucky, you’ll find squirrels…maybe snakes…and monkeys.


Wohooo…after enduring an hour plus of walking we finally reached our destination.


I had around 60 pictures of the same scene but with different splashes…this is the one I like most but the horizon…sikit senget dah :(


Thanks to my ingenuity and past experience, I decided to get up early to buy sufficient stock for the short hike to Pantai Kerachut. As I expected…we actually did need the extra source of carbohydrates afterwards. Because of the beautiful scenery we totally forgotten about the rumbling tummy until suddenly…oops we’re hungry. We had bread and Rocky with 100Plus…





Can you imagine how strong the waves are and I’m standing right in it…???


Those who want to come here by boat…please be informed that the rental PER BOAT is RM100 :O They don’t do head counts. Because of such insanity, four of us decided to just use our legs and hiked all the way back to the car. The journey is only 3km or so…that’s 6km to and fro. After all the walking and sweating…we decided to eat something to compensate for such a healthy ordeal…zh decided to take us for Indian food. Well known for it’s oily briyani rice and hot curry…we dared our taste buds and put our livers to the challenge to produce enough bile to destroy their evil nemesis~~~ LIPIDS!!(oh btw I f***ing have high cholesterol) The food was not at all ultimately very extremely tasty but the brain tricked us into thinking otherwise because of the minor starvation we had for the past 5 hours. This fancy Indian restaurant can be found opposite Paradise Hotel and Flamingo Hotel.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disneyland-Final Day

This day is all about Disneyland.

Albeit the rainy day, I managed to get quite a lot of pictures. (beware very looooong post coming. Let it load for a while please.)


I wasn’t too happy about this day’s photos…because of the sort of gloomy weather and spent too much time indoors.


We first went to ride the Winnie The Pooh ride which was actually quite fun and exciting. Especially the part where Tiger starts hopping…LOL My tour guide managed to record some videos of the ride, undetected…but who cares. The line was already very long by the time we got there. Japanese are just damn fast…they RUN to the rides they want rather than we M’sian losers walk…SLOWLY…


Quickly snapped a picture of this before proceeding. As we all know if you follow tour groups there’s a slim chance that we’re going to turn back for more photos.


With the power of a DSLR, again I snapped happily away…(compacts you SUCK!!!!HAHAHAHAHA)


Of course we came back for this. Couple of years back it hadn’t open in Hong Kong Disneyland yet.


Oh yeah I also loved this ride(which ride in Disney is to not love)…The Haunted Mansion ride. The animatronics was awesome and also the fact that they used a lot of holograms(I think so) which was again state of the art technology AND not just ONE hologram it was a whole dining room full of “dead” people floating around…I remembered a ghost which could walk out of the picture just like in the movies, cool isn’t it. Besides that they can dance and walk around in the room while we quietly watched from above comfortably in our moving cars.


Not to mention the ride started off quite well when we were all given fast passes(fast pass are tickets that you need to get outside the rides and you come back within that time printed on it while you enjoy the queue at another ride.) by our tour guides. We went straight to the front of the queue…nice isn’t it. Then after that we were SQUEEZED into a small chamber…dark and gloomy…then some stupid Japanese voice starts talking…LOL and before you know it the ceiling rises up or I think we went down instead. After that, you’ll find yourself queuing again to get on one of the cars. It was quite a surprise for us because…the cars in the ride doesn’t stop and they keep on moving. In order to keep up and speed things up, a conveyer belt is built for people to get on and off the ride.



Little girl carrying Duffy bears. Isn’t it awesome that ONE Japanese made this bear up and it could sell all over the world…sometimes the demand is so great that Disney can’t produce enough to sell. Oh come on…Imagine which IDIOT would want to hold Upin Dan Ipin in their hands…go FUCK yourselves man…


Mad hatter, another Disney classic…unlike UPIN DAN IPIN…SUCKER


Hidden Mickey. I thought of searching for some hidden Mickeys in Disneyland as I saw them on the net VERY long time before the trip. However the rainy day made it impossible.


WOHOO…Japanese girls dressed in Minnie’s bow with Duffy bags…some go to the extreme where you’ll find DUFFYS ALL OVER THEM…even their boobs…


Again…Japanese are just so freaking patient.


See the mouse up there.


Oh here comes the parade…at last. It started to drizzle actually, just a drop or two…luckily we watched this parade first. The following parades were cancelled due to the rain.


























After the parade we went to watch Michael Jackson IN 3D!!!! WTF it’s special because this movie only shows for a year…and it shall go back into storage…

It’s a movie made by Disney using 3D technology found back in those days…which was actually very impressive.


Had lunch at one of the fast food restaurants in Tommorowland.


After that we quickly rushed to the BUZZLIGHTYEAR ride!!! Uh huh…uh huh…fast passes again…



Next is one of the shittiest and most disappointing rides Disney has made…:(

But because of the cute little BOO I forgive you…hmph.




It actually requires you to shine the torchlight at one of the orange hats…you’d have to Google them up to know what I’m talking about. Then a monster will react to that OR BOO will pop up…wheeeeeee…the rest of it is pointless because it was all in Japanese…darn it.


This was another parade we almost missed. Because as we were rushing to another ride we didn’t notice there were more coming and we thought they had finished the parade.






Argh darn it I was shooting in the rain with a naked camera…Kept on wiping the water droplets off the lens…





Brrrrrr…winter and rain is definitely not a good combination.


Ooooops…quietly too some pictures of It’s a Small Small World.




yea kinda blurry…:(




THANKFULLY IT WAS RAINING hahahaha…the rain actually saved us lots of time in queuing. Nobody wants to ride outdoor rides when it’s raining right…



Disney flume ride…


Oh that’s our boat, the Tom Sawyer’s boat actually.




Oh wait, this was from another adventure boat ride hahaha again nobody wants to ride outdoors unless you’re desperate like us. Japanese are just FREAKING fun…they talk so freaking fast and energetic ALTHOUGH I freaking not understand a word they are saying…yes…the whole ride beginning to the end…oh shit.


Swiss Family Treehouse…Just like the Tarzan’s house in HK Disney. Speaking of HK Disney and Tarzan, I remembered taking a raft to that attraction. In Tokyo Disney they too had a raft ride…but TO A DESERTED ISLAND…wtf…hahaha again the rafts we empty so we didn’t care if the island was empty or not…LOL. More attractions the better.





Wooo darn it didn’t get to take photos with Jack Sparrow lookalike…SHIT SHIT SHIT RUSH RUSH RUSH…>=(


Ah darn it at 5p.m. everything gets dark… =(



Before we do last minute shopping we quickly rushed to Toon Town…a kiddies park actually.


Donald Duck’s house…very cute inside for kiddies. Various characters were available for us to take pictures with just in case you didn’t notice…IT TAKES 60MINUTES TO GET YOUR TURN…JUST TO TAKE PICTURES…WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM JAPS…!!?!?!?!?!?!?!




Crappy looking me, exhausted after soaking in the rain for a whole. Our 1000Yen Disney umbrella didn’t do much good anyway.

WOOO…after that last minute shopping…simply grab liao lorrr…We were dang stupid to not spend all the money that evening since we weren’t going anywhere the next day.


Lobster for dinner and a 5000Yen chicken, yes that’s how expensive chicken is in Japan.


Narita Airport…and that marks the end of our Japan tour. Who fancies going to Tokyo with me. Want to visit the Ghibli museum and do a little sightseeing on my own slooooooowly WITHOUT the need to RUSH. =)

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