Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 years later

At last upgraded my D5000 to a D5300 now with wifi capability and gps tagging as well. I'd be able to sync my photos to my phone aaaaalmost instantly but by the time I connect, sync and turn this on turn that on, God knows how any precious minutes have gone by. No other complaints about it though, at RM2450 (bought at Mid-Valley) with 'free' bag and 2 8GB SD cards... What more could you ask for?
It looks and feels a little 'meatier', the D5300.... It also comes with stereo mic but still lacks all the high end video features such as high frame rate should at least reach 60fps by now but...zzz please la even an iPhone has slow-mo mode, Nikon should be able to do better I guess.... Liking it's huge screen and the flippy floppy screen on the back. Weight wise, feels just as heavy as the D5000 but of course lighter than the D7000 or D7100 which I'd love to own one but didn't want to commit to it due to the excess weight. I don't need kyphoscoliosis at this age.

And yes, that's how many cards I've collected over the years :P

Ps. Having not so good mood today as well, got screwed by the old man... probably most demotivated day in O&G posting yet. Don't care, elective selectives here I come. I've done better than so many people all this while. IMU teaches you one thing after all these months of training, honesty is not quite the best policy. Work smart not work hard!!

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