Sunday, August 29, 2010

1 folder too many

Not 1 exactly, it’s 42 folders totalling to a staggering number of 90GB of pictures. As I was making a backup of pictures into my old hard drive, I realised this problem. I can’t put all of my pictures into the hard drive, including existing ones from years ago. It’s crazy because digital media…ermz…isn’t that effective in a way. You tend to take pictures without thinking, well, more or less, yes AND I have issues with hoarding.


It took me an hour or more to transfer the data into the external hard drive…=O

Every picture that goes in. RARELY comes out. I just realised that my 320GB hard drive…has only got 90GB left.




I was on my way out the other day when I came to this really nice scene when the sun was just about to rise, it was already half way through the mountains.

My camera was already in my bag with the 18-55mm…NOUUUUU…

Too short…


SO, I quickly knelt down to grab the 70-200mm Kay Sen lent me some weeks ago. This uncle who was always doing his morning walk there must be quite surprised…LOL

(sorry for the ugly noise, I don’t know why my ISO was at 1000)


Oh, I’ve never showed me phottix thingy for off camera flash.



OK…Next, got new shoezzzzz


HOI WAIT, before that, got leng lui to show you all…


OK, no more…keep for myself.



Even my shitty D5000 can bring out something.

A crow, standing out from the crowd, of pigeons.

If there were a chance, I’d do bird shooting. NOT shooting as in using guns…as in taking pictures of birds, bird spotting to be exact.

Shuuus…suuuus… where are my shoesss…=O


here are me shuuushuuuu…lol


HOI, anti Nike liao…because they suck.

HP rocks. They have these really fancy things (but they don’t vibrate)

It has cushioning effect in it. WOOO…bouncy too.

then they have these really fancy bags to put shoes in it, again.


They they have these really fancy shoe soles.



They were new arrivals (and yes I always attack new arrivals,but luckily got discount thanks to Maybank credit card)

DSC_1640 >left and right <DSC_1639



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are you different?

This is what we call ‘stand out from the crowd’


You have to be different…LOL


Have you got what it takes? To stand out from the crowd?


No lah…I thought can give this picture a title called “standing out from the crowd” mah…

aiyo…70-200 aiyo…shiok dao ah…

WAH today went to watch Phua Chu Kang The Movie…


Phua Chu Kang making a great comeback. Since the latest series on TV sucks.

The movie rocks…we realised Gurmit Singh can speak hokkien, cantonese and mandarin and english and malay all at the same time. Cool!!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Share the love

Found this on a random site.

Thought I’d share this stuff, because I loved it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From Photoshop with Love

If I don’t post this now I don’t know when I’ll do it…


Cheese inspiring…kinda artsy and all that.


Had this done a very long time ago.

DSC_0954 copy

This is also another artsy duno what the crap thingy fire hydrant.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


lai la lai la…hands itching for a great day of photoshoot…

Since Kay Sen hasn’t come to get back his 70-200mm…put it to full use first.

70-200mm = speed + demon =O

You have gotta be kidding, instant focus, rather than my 55-200 screeching, back and forth searching for a focus…plus its f2.8 makes it a great advantage for fast shots.


the downside? carrying a 1.5 kg lens is so not happening plus the weight of your camera body??? Mine is the lightest of all and I still can feel the weight.

35mm on my D5000? I don’t give a damn. I can swing my camera up and down like nobody’s business. Quality of a DSLR, weight of a compact.

NAH, there’s no such thing as quality of a DSLR in a compact. NEVER!!!


That’s why la, D700 vs D5000 of course D700 wins la, aboh why people pay SOOO much for a D700…

Go buy a D3100(yea like WTF, seriously go get a life)…Wait…how do YOU pronounce it first?


What’s so FLUFFEH???

One is trials is almost over (maths to go)


Our fruffeh furry Nikon has announced NEW LENSES

**ScREaMzzz at the top of our voices!!!!AaahHHHhhHhHhHhHHHH!!!!!**




but anyhow 55-300mm has no IF…a.k.a internal focus…lousy selling point almost all holiao lenses have IF HOW CAN THEY NOT HAVE IF!!!????

*shouts and whines like baby, flapping my hands up and down shouting “I WANT MY IF” *

(it’s soooooo gonna sound like those cheapy 18-55 where you get for 300 bucks off the shelf despite it’s one of the most useful lenses you’d ever find)


Nikon 55-300mm


As all new Nikon lenses…they all have AF-S(tch unlike Canon they don’t put USM in their kit lenses they hide it so you won’t notice…then they MAKE you buy USM lenses or L lens…) best of all

there’s the (well that’s what I call it) Golden Nikon Wordzzzz…=O


Now this is worth buyin’ (the fact that its a FX’PENSIVE)

I’m goin to have to skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip…


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pre Exam Syndrome

WWAOWOAOWOAOWOAOW………trials rock the brains out of you…just like zombies go for your brains…


My closet…a little tiny horr… :(

Not kua zhang enough…


<<<Left is 70-200mm…on the right you’d have 55-200mm…>>>

(they should have improved on the build quality of the 55-200 instead…couple of hundred bucks extra doesn’t actually hurt)

WAH…vast difference in size!!!

OMG…I’m going to have to get all the luck this time for trials!!! =O

Got antibiotic…antiviral drugs…antifungal…got ANTILAZY DRUGS EH OR NOT??????

Cannot liao…muuussst…kkeeeeepp…onnnnnn…studying……

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bring it on.

YEAH bring it on!!! Trials here I come…

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Twinkle twinkle little stars…

Well, it had more stars than I thought…

It was supposed to be the Orion only…but as I brightened the picture surprisingly there were more stars taken than expected.


If you use your naked eyes you’d only see Orion.


Star light star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight…

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Huffs and Puffs…

I very itu lazy la…:(

Trial ah trials…why you come so fast…Aduiii…!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Online shopping anyone?

I don’t know much about online shopping but I’m not the kind of person who buys stuff online without actually getting to touch or see what it’s like. BUT apparently my ex-baby-sitter’s-daughter had recently retired from working in the office to selling CLOTHES instead! Well mostly girlish clothes of course. SO, not because I know this online seller, and I’m not afraid to say that this is actually a genuine business run by a real person who exists in the real world, I would like to help her out by spreading out the news about her business here. Hey I don’t get anything out of this ok.

Basic CMYK

Firstly it SHOULD BE safe and quality assured(duhh it’s already written up there)

secondly free delivery(T&C applies of course go to the site to find out more). NO QUEUS as well. Uh-huh because this is a small little tiny minute business she is running, she doesn’t quite keep much stock with her, so it’s like going to be a lot of PRE-ORDERING involved.

7pcs is like not really much.

2 pairs of shoes and a shirt from Nike cost more than that…

Nah, not very cha also mah…

Very nice isn’t it for only RM49.90.

Apparently my clothes these days never cross below the 50 bucks line…of course not for t-shirts 30 bucks is too much…

So head on to the store right now.

Penang Island must be small

We had to go ALLLLL the way to mainland to eat one blardy meal of THAI food??? LIKE wow…? We have to be crazy enough to get stuck in a jam along Penang bridge area on a FRIDAY NIGHT raining. And I don’t get it how people can actually drive and hitting brakes like the frequency of them blinking their eyes...

HAHAHA…ok it’s this place called Kun Tai…somewhere around Butterworth near Sungai Dua near Raja Uda…kinda…SOMETHING!!! Here are some pictures of our little Thai food haven…

*cues vocals singing AHHHHHH*




HM, Qi and See Man who came back all the way from Pahang. :)


Ipod again…tsk…


HM & Sun Sun…always have their pictures eh…

wait…Picture of myself? NEH!!!

I’m gonna keep it to myself.


OOPS…Kept nothing for you guys out there…swept up everything like a tornado because we were damn hungry. No thanks to traffic jams!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

When god said

“Let there be light”

He made the best decision…

without light, photography would never exist.

When light is shown in the dark, something spectacular, extraordinary things come to life. One tiny stream of light shining through the darkness is somehow…relieving…isn’t it


Ok ignore the stupid intro. Here’s what happens when there’s no electric supply. We light CANDLES!

YAY candles are romantic at the same time warm…rather than ultra bright white LED lights which are EXTREMELY irritating to the eyes if you look at it straight in the eye.

speaking of warm…it’s very VERY WARM!!! >=(

Was sweating all over taking theses pictures


I wanted to something what we all like to call out of the box. As Suba always says, NO clich├ęs please!!!

Freeze the pictures not literally freezing it but setting the colour temperature to the coldest, which means adding more blue to it. The noise is…well…is there to stay.

this particular piece of dust collecting item was bought some years ago. Yea seldom use it but it is nice isn’t it?

DSC_0615 (2)

pretty pretty reflections…


monochrome? Neh…doesn’t work for me.

Bright and nice colours are much pleasent than black and white.

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