Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hornby trains

Always meant to post something about my trains...and yay at last...I've got a proper picture of them.
The Gadwall TTS, the Javelin and the Eurostar all on 1 layout.
Hopefully there will be more to come!!

Darth Vader & Luke //Star Wars Lego


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pure #axelaudio


New set of cans #axelaudio

This is the new Axel Audio customisable headphones...which are the best ever. I'd just have to delay my review for later while I finish up all my work...

Really do Google them up: Axel Audio

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Puffing Billy Railways, Melbourne


Visited the Puffing Billy Railways in Melbourne recently. A very famous and popular tourist attraction indeed. There were many tour buses and groups that come here to see the steam trains and aren’t they exciting.


Most of the pictures here would be sort of hit and run because it was raining that day.

You can also climb up the cab while you’re there. Remember, arrive early if you want to avoid the crowd in your pictures. I arrived at least 45 minutes early and I got really good shots.



That’s no.8A, it’s going to have to double-header later because of the number of the coaches they’re expecting to pull that morning.

You can get on and off any station along this line. We bought a return ticket: Belgrave <> Emerald.


If weather permits, you can always stick your legs out…but really, don’t leave your babies on the windows…they’ll probably slip out


And there’s the most exciting part of the whole train ride. The wooden trestle bridge.




You can always get down at Menzies Creek, which is the next station after Belgrave.



Then there’s the Emerald station, where the live Thomas the Tank Engine show would be held every now and then. Of course, you’d have to check for the showtimes.



Then there’s this…One of the World’s Largest working model railways..LOL

It’s inspiring. It’s a mixture between OO/HO scale models. Please do check it out…it’s 7 dollars per entry… and it’s nice if everyone can show him some support so he can keep the models going. Loved it so much!!! It’s like a childhood dream come true.













Again on the trestle bridge, heading back to Belgrave station.


WEAR LONG SLEEVES. Period. They’d swoop down fast at you and stand on your shoulders, arm….seriously, anything they can get their claws on.







After feeding those hungry birds…we went to find ourselves some real food!

Pie in the Sky is the place when you come up the Dandenong Ranges.


Got myself the Korma Chicken pie…which is just amazing. You probably can’t find it anywhere else in Malaysia for that matter.




And to end to day, we visited the National Rhododendron Garden (that’s a mouthful isn’t it)

Nothing much that’s exciting….just some trees and plants and flowers and sky…






This is my favourite. Looks like snow isn’t it?



Ta-da….and that marks the end of this post!

Again….thank you for staying till the end. ~_^

Friday, December 4, 2015

More Mini Thomas


Le Ukulele


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meet #lukesywalker// counting down to Star Wars...


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