Friday, April 30, 2010

OH hands itching.

Grr…what’s the next event (other than EXAMS!!!)
Oh crap my hands are really itchy, can’t wait to press that tiny little shutter button. Can’t wait to here the shutter’s sound when it goes *chik-chiak*…it’s just so tempting…

Aiyo…MUST. BUY. Tamron 17-50mm…aiyo aiyo aiyo…


With its max aperture of f/2.8…no sweat man…woooo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

INTI Earth day

Welcome to this year’s INTI Earth day celebration.


Many students from various secondary schools attended this celebration. Well it wasn’t so much of a celebration but it was mainly about educating the public and creating awareness about the issues that are happening in Malaysia AND also the WHOLE WOLRD.



On the left is Mr. Chan. I remembered I saw him at the Water Day thingy…Most of the talks that day were about environmental issues such as water wastage, mangrove swamps and seahorses.


Hello ah Juan. There were also workshops about ferns and potatoes and fungus and stuff…


Spores or something.




Some potato stuff?


Friday, April 16, 2010

Of Ginger and Nikonz

Haha, it’s a long time since I’ve done this. Drawing my good old Ginger pal thingy. I thought (not me actually some one wanted me to) I’d draw something lamezzz enough. I hate using the new “paint” program which is much different from the old one WHICH is also easier to use, well because I’m more familiar with it.

Anyway, here’s what I did.

Ginger nikon

HAHA, here’s Ginger with Nikonz and a flash. Wheee…

LOL, tomorrow’s INTI’s World Earth Day celebration. More pictures coming your way. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

World Water Day

Whee… I attended World Water Day at Botanical Gardens last Saturday. Ps. Botanical Garden, Penang isn’t as beautiful as it was.


We were all water lovers, well that’s what YAB Lim Guan Eng, our most beloved chief minister, called us. :)

20 of us INTI SOSAM members turned out for this event that day to do some work. SO CALLED work.


Our group photo before we start work. Had to edit it a little, no thanks to my f/3.5 lens.


Kids participating in the drawing contest hoping to win some of the bikes you saw in the previous pictures.

It’s actually a very good prize you know, at least it’s better than those freaking PSP and XBOX 360 which is very, very unhealthy indeed. I thought laptops would be better though. Anyway, bicycles are just fine.


Oh, this was our t-shirt.

_DSC2645HAHA, I was dead tired chasing after this little mischief using my bloody 55-200mm damn hard to focus. Well it’s better than 70-200mm which is damn heavy. I’d consider using a 50mm or 35mm prime lenses instead. How about some 17-50mm, maybe it would drop from the skies!?



Preparations on the way.


OK, this uncle right here sipek pattern-ful.


There was also snakes and ladder game for the small ones. Hahaha.

_DSC2719 _DSC2748

Left: was testing out my camera’s colours, seeing whose camera performs better. However I proved that my not-totally-useless 2.7 inch vari-angle tilt screen is just as misleading because it’s DPI is just plain suck. right: “Desperate housewives” Penang version.


While waiting for the big shots, me and Qi thought we escape the crowded place to be with the monkeys and flowers and birds and whatever. LOL


OK. AT LAST he’s here, giving his speech about Singaporeans who owns mini apartment using 155L per person per day which is lower than UN standards. Oh please come on, average Malaysian houses have 2 toilets, 3-4 bedrooms and gardens and an average of 2 cars per household. What do you expect. Singaporeans save water on not washing cars, toilets, moping floors and washing windows. Their small houses are like so mini that they their windows can be counted using my ten fingers and there’s still remainder. But come to think of it, Penang people take water for granted sometimes. We see pipes leaking almost in every public toilet. Lousy toilet flushes and stuff. Retarded public transport system and the government is still busy digging out jackasses because of a 100 buck bribe.



Our chief minister very handsome horrrrr……so many people crowd to take pictures of him. :)


Our 2nd group photo which proved that we reached the waterfall, a.k.a water source which only opens once a year. I’m dead proud of myself and honoured to be there.

Oh later that day, Qi and I decided to drop by Gurney Plaza for lunch and a little shopping.

We were really random. It was like “eh? this song very nice lorr…” and we stopped for a brief moment outside Artist Gallery. We walked in eventually. It was like so mesmerising and shu fu (direct translation would be comfortable). LOL

And, we found this pretty gal.


Now I’m damn stuck with her songs. It’s like you’d hear them in my car, my room and also my phone. Go get it, support ORI guys it’s damn worth it only RM59.00 ONLY, well only if your a fan of a mix of jazz pop bossa nova swing and whatever the heck.

Friday, April 2, 2010


LOL, don’t mind the title, Yamaha Stagea isn’t exactly the BEST of the BEST.

But it’s cool enough.

Being the price of a SLK (small little kancil), it HAS to be good.

With speakers, front and back, you’ll be able to blast your neighbours out of their beds in full volume.

200 Pluszzz voices to choose from and fully customisable rhythms, how can you not fall in love with (provided you know which buttons goes where, that is.)

With touch screen interface, it’s easy to access most of its functions.

With a seat enough to fit two, it’s quite long indeed, longer than the old EL-400.

Oh wth, I guess most of you don’t know what on earth I’m crapping about.




Oh, I thought I’d share some shots from behind the scenes of HM’s so-called pre-wedding photos. Oh I hope they do get married, she’s really happy.



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